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Thailand calling

5 Apr

Oh hi, Koh Samui. See you soon!

Wowee, what a week! After frantically finishing projects (including a guest post on Where Writers Write), getting painful arm jabs and packing my case, I am finally ready to descend on Thailand!

A heavenly ten days on a quiet Koh Samui beach awaits. The Lad will turn another year older in paradise and we’re planning to spend our days not planning. Ok, I may have booked one or two tours (shh, don’t tell him!) but other than that, I’m looking forward to a mini break away from computer screens, iPhones and…dare I say it…the keyboard.

My friends reckon my writing withdrawals will see me wandering around the island, fingers outstretched, typing on an imaginary keyboard. It could happen.

As this is my last post before jetting off, I wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Stay safe, keep smiling and be well. 🙂

x Kat

Monday Mantra (a day late!) – I find time

3 Apr

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...

Oops. It’s Tuesday and I’m only now writing my Monday Mantra post. I’d like to blame it on the weather. Or the media. But alas, it’s all my doing (or not doing).

I’ve been frantically planning and packing for my holidays and my writing has taken a back seat. Waaaaay up the back. It’s like my life is a big bendy bus and my writing is sitting in the rebellious back row, surrounded by stuff and unable to press the button to make itself known. I’m not even sure if that analogy works. My brain is too fuzzy to think about it. Bleuurrgh.

Time. If only I had a wee bit more of it. On Sunday, daylight saving ended in Sydney and we all scored an extra hour. What did I do with that spare 60 minutes? Did I crack open my computer and tap out a few blog posts? Nahhhh, I slept.

So really, I don’t need any more time. I simply need to use the time I have more wisely.

If the days were consistently longer, I could easily fill it with sleeping or TV or procrastinating online (hello, Twitter). Or I could use it to improve my life or someone else’s.

My time is mine to use as I wish.

If I dropped just one hour of telly-watching a week, imagine the things I could achieve! I could learn something new, or write 4 blog posts for the week ahead. I could catch up with a friend or write a letter to my nan. I could tinker with my mum’s website or bring out my acrylics and paint an abstract piece. Or I could simply soak in the tub and recharge my batteries.

It really is up to me.

This week’s mantra is all about time and using it more wisely:

“I have more than enough time to live a fulfilling life. I choose to use every precious moment to do the things that make me, and others, happy.”

Today I…say yes

15 Mar

‘No’ can be such a naughty word. I’ve noticed that I say it quite a lot. No to an impromptu dinner invitation, no to the gym, no to my alarm when it bleeps incessantly for me get up and meditate or do yoga. It’s just so easy to say no (except when I’m offered a Tim Tam).

‘No’ doesn’t require any effort, any risk. But a life without risk means a life without rewards.

A few months ago, an old school friend mentioned she was throwing herself back into travel and asked if I would like to join her in India in July. Immediately I said no. A million excuses raced through my mind: ‘I won’t be able to get the time off, I won’t be able to afford it, India is scary, I might get mugged, my hair will go frizzy, it’s easier to just stay at home in my normal routine and let everyone else gallivant around the world, they don’t have Tim Tams there…’

Two days ago, she asked me again. ‘Come and meet me in India in July. I’ll be taking photographs and wandering the streets. You could come along and write.’


Why the heck shouldn’t I just say YES? Yes to throwing myself in the deep end. Yes to leaving my life behind and seeing what awaits me in one of the world’s spiritual hubs. Yes to opening my heart and my journal and seeing what flows forth. Yes to frizzy hair! YES!

I’m ready to get real, to get raw and to descend on a foreign land and see where it sweeps me.

I’m ready to live!

What have you said yes to today?

Note to self: make time to be creative

5 Feb

It’s been several days since my last confession blog post. I’m a little ashamed about having neglected my lovely little blog. My creative juices have been bottled up and shoved to the back of the shelf, while life has got in the way. I’ve been busily editing at work, seeing friends (including an incredible 30th birthday overlooking Bondi Beach. Bliss!), planning my year and eating a little too much ice cream.

It’s funny, because when I’m creative and I nurture my writing, the other areas in my life seem to blossom. I’m excited at work, I’m making time to help out my friends and things just click. So why is it that I’m so easily pulled away from my passion; my creative pursuits? Since it’s something which brings me so much joy and enlivens my spirit, why do I turn my back and stay logged off WordPress for a week?

I think it’s because I view my blog and art and poetry as hobbies (I loathe that word. It reminds me of old men who spend their retired days building toy train sets. Shudder.) When I view my creativity as that thing I’ll get to when everything else has been done, sorted, organised, tidied, ticked, it’ll never be a top priority. It just stays at the bottom of the long list of things to do. Do I really prefer folding my sheets to writing a juicy blog post or listening to a meditation CD? Nup. So why am I letting sheet-folding take up my time, when my poor little blog is jumping up and down squeaking, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’

Because I’m not making time to be creative. In fact, I’m waiting until I have time. I’m hoping that I can just squeeze my creativity into a spare slot. Though it just takes a back seat, often to things that don’t really bring me a lot of pleasure.

For the important things in our life – whether it is our creative pursuits, or family, or taking a holiday – we do need to make time. Invest time. Step away from routine and indulge our desires. No one is going to give us that time. We have to choose it, seize it and use it. And when we do, look what happens! We create. We scroll to the top of the screen and realise we’ve written our first blog post in a week (well, at least that’s what I’ve just done!). We get that rush; the thrill of cracking open the bottle and letting the creative contents spill out.

Making time to create. Pursuing the things that ignite our mind and spirit. That’s what makes us truly sparkle.

So this week’s note to self is: Add ‘write blog post’ or ‘meditate’ at the top of my to do list. Only once I’ve ticked it off will I get onto less important things, like folding sheets.

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