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Last night I danced with the fishes

17 Dec

Excuse me while I swig on my glass of Diet Coke and eat another pizza slice. We had The Lad’s work Christmas party last night. So I’m typing this post as I lie on the couch, doona draped across me and chick flicks on the tele.

Yes, I am feeling a tad sorry for myself. But I swear, it’s due more to us trekking through the city for two hours in search of a cab after the party (while I teetered along in my tight, blister-producing strappy heels) than swigging a few glasses of white.

We had a fantastic evening. The party was held at Sydney Aquarium, so we began by meandering through the venue, peering into fish tanks, pointing at penguins and smiling at the turtles. Giant Lego men, made from thousands of Duplo and Lego pieces, had been set up along the way. A Lego man held a penguin donning a scuba mask and snorkel.

The Lad and me on the dance floor.

Dinner was set up around the dugong pool, so as we ate (not fish, thankfully!) the instructors told us all about the giant, quiet ‘mermaids of the sea’. After polishing off the mains, we were led back into the aquarium for the party portion of the evening. For a corporate office, it was a riot! The Lad and I ducked into a photo booth (see the evidence above), tucked into choccie cake and cheese and then headed into the dance room. The scene was spectacular. The dance floor was set up beside a huge panel of glass, behind which swam sharks, sting rays, sword fish and a colourful array of big and little fish. Bright blue, purple, pink, black and white, grey, orange and other fish hues flashed by, clashing with the disco lights that roamed the room. We boogied down to some golden oldies, even Farnham’s You’re the Voice and hits from all the disco decades…

That’s about all I can manage to write. It’s time to duck back under the doona for a much-needed nap!

Are you heading to a Christmas party this year? Where is/was it held? Did you end up feeling as bleuruguhgh as me?

Bridget Jones back in 2012!

14 Dec

Excuse me while I hyperventilate into a wine glass. It’s just been announced that Bridget Jones is making a comeback, with a third installment in the film franchise due for release in late 2012! Ahh. Maa. Gaad!

In the latest flick, Bridget apparently ends up preggers to slimy, smarmy, but oh so delectable Daniel Cleaver.

There are three reasons why I’m so blooming excited about this news.

  1. Whenever a Bridget Jones movie is released, I feel justified gorging on wine, chocolate and acting a little bit crazy. If Bridget Jones is allowed to do it, so am I!
  2. Another chance to perve on the sexy man meat that is Mr Darcy (aka Colin Firth)
  3. Another chance to perve on Hugh Grant. Granted (pun), he’s not as hot-to-trot as rugged Firth, but it’s still a nice little dose of eye candy.

Aside from all that, Bridget Jones is one of the most authentic, real and fabulously flawed female characters to grace the silver screen. She fumbles, she bumbles, she accidentally makes blue soup and seems to have a habit of falling bum-first on camera. While some of her actions might make us cringe, Bridget is relatable. She’s real. And that’s why we love her (and, of course, why Mr Darcy falls head over heels with her as well).

So here’s cheers to the return of Bridget Jones in 2012!

Are you a Bridget Jones fan?

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