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When Valentine’s Day was cancelled

16 Feb

It’s timely that the day I emerge from three days in hell is also Thankful Thursday. I’ll spare you the icky details, though it did involve a lot of yacking and dragging my weary self to the shower and back. I didn’t even have the energy to hold a hairdryer. So as soon as my hair started to frizz up and feel feral, all I could do was chuck it under the cold tap. And then crawl back to bed, moaning and groaning and searching for The Bucket.

Valentine’s Day was cancelled. I didn’t think the fine folk at the tres posh Winery in Surry Hills would appreciate my half-dried curly mop and crinkled nightie, which hadn’t been taken off in two days. They probably wouldn’t like the gagging noises either…

So The Lad and I awoke on Valentine’s Day incredibly tired (the poor guy had been kept up all night as I took the ‘how loud can you spew’ challenge). He then put off a meeting at his new job to take me to the doctor’s and wait while I received a needle in my bum. And he didn’t even blink when I said dinner was cancelled. Instead, he brought me a single red rose and a peck on the cheek. What a man.

Now that I’m looking semi-decent (apologies to my colleagues who have been graced with my post-pukey, unpolished presence today), I am able to turn on my computer and be thankful.

I’m thankful for full health. Gastro is hardly the worst illness to have, yet it felt fairly close to death. I admire those courageous people who live with critical illness and disease every day of their lives.

I’m also incredibly thankful for having someone in my life who, after they’ve had zero sleep (thanks to me), will put off anything to make sure I’m OK.

Blessings x

Grateful for a little ball of fluff

5 Jan

Today’s Thankful Thursday post is unusually short on words.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand of them.

Just looking at this photo makes my heart melt. My smile broaden. My gratitude grow.

This little ball of fluff lives with mum. Hugs mum. Licks mum. Loves mum. Makes mum laugh.

She’s there with mum when I can’t be.

She lifted mum’s heart when it was heavy.

Today (and every day) I am grateful for…


What are you thankful for today?

A year of gratitude

29 Dec

It’s not easy to give 12 months’ worth of thanks in one blog post. But hey, I’m on holidays!

This is my last Thankful Thursday thought for 2011.

I’m looking forward to a new year of challenges, achievements and realisations.

While this year felt a little ‘blah’, and I didn’t seem to achieve very much, there are still so many things I can be grateful for.

I’m thankful for…

    • Travelling to America with The Lad in July. It was an eye-opening trip, marked by multiple trips to Victoria’s Secret & Macy’s, and the realisation that most Americans are kind, generous, hard-working people. I can’t wait to go back!
    • Living in a renovated, clean and ridiculously cheap apartment. Without damp walls, a mouldy bathroom or an entire cockroach civilisation under the sink.  Though there is a next-door neighbour who sings show tunes off-key between 8pm and 9.20pm. Every single night. Sometimes we join in.
    • The Lad. Of course! He tells me I’m gorgeous, when I feel like a heifer. He drops everything to pick me up or drop me off. He comes along to museums and art gallery exhibitions when he’d rather be watching the cricket. He makes me laugh. He listens to me cry. He buys me Reese’s Miniatures and he loves the people I love. He’s happy to go along with my (unrealistic?) romantic life plan to live in different homes until we’re married. And he doesn’t question it. What a man!
What were you most thankful for in 2011?

Thankful Thursday: cheers to my mummy

15 Dec

I’m joining in Thankful Thursday, an initiative by power blogger Kate Says Stuff.

I have a lot to be thankful for. My first few years in Sydney were a lot like a Luna Park rollercoaster – endless ups and downs and unfounded fears that the whole thing might not be bolted down and I’ll fall off! I now feel fairly confident teetering towards my fourth year in the big smoke. And I have my wonderful mum to thank for that.

Me and mum @ Garden Island

Here are just a few of the million-plus reasons why I’m dedicating this week’s Thankful Thursday to mum:

  • When I moved to Sydney and didn’t know a soul – mum helped me stick it out.
  • When I felt lost in my career and wanted out – mum inspired me to start my professional organising business.
  • When business got tough – mum lent a hand and supported my decisions to return to work as an employee.
  • When I brought The Lad home – mum welcomed him into the family with open arms. And laughed at how well suited we were, given our shared love for lying on the couch watching crap TV.
  • When she faced difficult decisions and events in her own business – mum powered up and took her business, Cabins in the Clouds, to new heights (pun intended).
  • When navigating life as a newly single woman – mum bravely stuck it out and transformed into an even more mesmerising woman.

Above all, I’m thankful that as each year rolls into the next, mum and I grow closer together. Hardly a few days go by without us sharing a giggle or a cry on the phone.

I hope I’m half the woman my mum is when I’m her age. She is a trooper. A light in my life. She is my bold and beautiful mum. 🙂

Thanks mummy xoxo

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