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Fighting the fear to travel

10 Apr


I’m quitting my life.

In Sydney, everything is easy. A little tooooo easy. Too freakin’ comfortable. It’s beautiful, abundant, brimming with opportunities. But I’m bored. And edging on ungrateful…which ain’t good.

And after spending a month in Vietnam, I’m yearning to spread my flippers and sample more.

So off I go on my gray whale migration. Heading north to California, then Bali to check out the digital nomad community and get my body back into balance. Then I float across to Chiang Mai in Thailand, and finally Vietnam. The plan after that is…well…there kinda isn’t one.


I’m scared.

Weally, weally fwightened.

Only really extroverted, confident people can pack up and make a red hot go as roamers. Right?

I’m a super sensitive soul. I’m not flamboyant, I take time to open up to people (after which time I am flamboyant. Just invite me to karaoke.) And I tend to worry about stuff.

One thing working in my favour is that I like my alone time. Of course I crave contact with others, but I’m genuinely happy in my own company. As a writer, it’s all part of the gig. I like time to reflect and think and feel deeply. So I’m not worried about being alone while I meander around.

Maybe I’m afraid of finding my self. Or not finding her. Or being in a dangerous situation. Winding up broke. Missing marriages and babies back home. Not putting down roots or making real, lasting connections with people.

But I know the only way I’ll make it as a gray whale is to JUST. GO.

I have a whiteboard with a million tasks scribbled on it. Each day, I pick a task and tick it off. It’s all I can do. If I give myself time to question my travel plans, it may not happen.

I’m here to prove that even we introverted folk, we sensitive souls, we can roam. We can do GREAT, GRAND things. We can have an EPIC existence. We can push and surprise and be alone and fall down and laugh about it…and then cry about it. We can do it while being a little bit weird.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. This mammoth migration.

Here are my flippers. They’re stretched out wide. Let’s go swimming!

My latest love – coconut oil

15 May

Today, I smell like a coconut. I’m wrapped in a lovely coconut cocoon, with the smell taking me back to my recent trip to Thailand.

I picked up a couple of bottles of coconut oil before flying out of Koh Samui. There, the oil was slick and runny. After the 10 hour plane journey home, and the cooler temperatures here in Sydney, it solidified. But I simply pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to melt it into a glorious pool of oil.

Lying on my yoga mat, I slather the glossy grease over my limbs and across my torso. I massage it into my temples and breathe in the tropical scent. Sometimes I even play a soft sound in the background. It’s the ultimate relaxation ritual and my latest obsession.

Here are some other wonderful ways to use coconut oil:

  • Work a small amount through your hair, focusing on the ends. I find it nourishes my locks more than Moroccan Oil. Just don’t use too much or leave it on for too long, because your hair will look like it’s constantly wet and you’ll smell like a cake. A 10c piece size on your tresses for a few mins should be enough.
  • Rub it over stretch marks, scars and cellulite. I’ve already noticed a smoother and more even skin tone.
  • Add it to a salad or to your cooking. Apparently, coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that help regulate your weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. It may also help with IBS symptoms and aid digestion, thanks to its anti-microbial properties.
  • Soak in a coconut oil bath. I don’t know if this is a good idea; I just made it up.  But it sounds heavenly!

So what are you waiting for? Go on, grab a bottle and come join me in coconutty heaven!

Sun. Sand. Smiles. Songkran.

16 Apr

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Thailand – the land of smiles. So many smiles. Friendly faces and helping hands. Endless stretches of warm sand and even warmer seas. Distant islands dotted on the horizon. A hot pink sunset. Banana smoothies beside banana lounges. Bright butterflies settle on petals. Splashing in the pool. Steering a kayak through cool, dark caves. Waving a hand at brilliantly bright fish, swishing in schools. New friends met atop sun-drenched decks. A delectable dinner hovering over a plunging cliff. Old western men sipping Singhas and chatting up petite Thai girls. Market stall holders hollering at us to buy their wares. Kittens and pups darting across narrow, dusty streets. Sticky, sweltering humidity. Sweat on brows. Pina coladas cooling in coconuts. Sumptuous seafood spreads. My first taste of lobster. A surprise birthday cake for The Lad delivered by smiling hotel staff. Slow, sleep-inducing massages.


Super Soakers sold on street corners. Kids crammed into ute trays, sloshing buckets of water on passers-by. Floured faces. Our Jeep windows drenched in green goo. The ancient Thai New Year tradition of tossing water to cleanse and  bless is a welcomed relief in the stifling heat.

A blissful break. A renewed spirit. Gratitude to the land of smiles.

So many smiles.

Thailand calling

5 Apr

Oh hi, Koh Samui. See you soon!

Wowee, what a week! After frantically finishing projects (including a guest post on Where Writers Write), getting painful arm jabs and packing my case, I am finally ready to descend on Thailand!

A heavenly ten days on a quiet Koh Samui beach awaits. The Lad will turn another year older in paradise and we’re planning to spend our days not planning. Ok, I may have booked one or two tours (shh, don’t tell him!) but other than that, I’m looking forward to a mini break away from computer screens, iPhones and…dare I say it…the keyboard.

My friends reckon my writing withdrawals will see me wandering around the island, fingers outstretched, typing on an imaginary keyboard. It could happen.

As this is my last post before jetting off, I wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Stay safe, keep smiling and be well. 🙂

x Kat

Monday Mantra – I am my healthiest self

19 Mar

Like many women, I’ve fought some serious body battles over the years. As I get older, I am beginning to appreciate my body as a strong instrument that carries me through life, footstep by footstep. I am learning to nourish it, to nurture it, to protect it.

Of course, I still have slip-ups. Occasionally I overindulge and have to waddle my way to bed, wondering why I had those extra mouthfuls of vegetable korma!

But on the whole, I am learning to treat my body with respect. With love.

(Plus, I will be in Thailand in 3 weeks and the thought of spending endless days on the beach is an incredible motivator!)

So this week’s Monday Mantra is about building your body to be in perfect health, so that it can lead you through a long, fulfilling and purposeful life.

Here it is:

“I am my healthiest self. I nourish my body with fresh, wholesome foods.”

An attempt to make life light & easy

3 Jan

Disclaimer: This is not a photo of my torso. I would never put broccoli on my stomach. Pumpkin, maybe...

I’ve joined Lite & Easy. For three reasons.

  1. I’m lazy and like the idea of food being delivered to my door.
  2. I’m a crap cook.
  3. I’m going to Thailand with The Lad in April and am terrified that the Thais will run down the beach screaming, ‘It’s a whale! Ahhh! A beached whale!’ That whale being me. Stuffed into a bikini. Moaning ‘oorrrgggh’ and massaging my big, bloated belly.

I know I’m not overly overweight. But since I stopped rowing (the season finished, the team dissolved, we had that hideous trip to Melbourne) and started eating Christmas goodies, I need to get things back under control. Step one is to pick up my running routine and yoga and Pilates practice. Step two is getting back into a healthy eating routine.

Thankfully, one of my colleagues has just started L&E and has been showing me all her neatly-packaged lunches (I’m a perfectionist Virgo – anything organised into a perfect package gets me excited). Inspired, I jumped online and started salivating over the summer menu. Though I did think it odd that their fare for the warmer months includes roast dinners and curries. I’d prefer fresh fish or grilled chicken and veggies.

My first delivery comes next Friday. I’ll arrive home after work to find seven days’ worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner tucked inside a cool esky. I’ll let you know how I go with the first week and whether I think the meals are worth it. The full seven day menu (which also includes a morning and arvo snack each day) costs $131. My weekly shopping bill is usually $90 (including an $11 Woolworths delivery fee – see point #1 above). And that’s before weekend take-aways and dinner with The Lad. So it does work out to be a lot cheaper than shopping, cooking or ordering my own stuff.

All going well, I’ll be in great non-whale-like shape come April!

Have you ever done Lite & Easy? Or had experience with another program like Weight Watchers? How did it go for you?

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