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Run for your life

19 Jan


I just staggered home from the most mind-blowing, awakening, astronomical beach run I’ve ever experienced. Finally, I get what those steroided folk always rave about – the exhilarating endorphin rush.

It could be because I scoffed 10 homemade raw cacao balls this afternoon and had superfoods surging through my system. Or maybe after a relaxing weekend, my suppressed inner lion wanted to roar.

It’s definitely something to do with letting go.

Yes, my hypersensitive, anxious soul let go. For one hour. And it was so fabulously freeing.

Slapping big broad feet on the wet sand, jumping over drain pipes, dashing into the surf to cool off, letting my hair get sticky and matted and wild. Feeling flushed.

Basically, not giving a fuck. 

Preeetty sure I looked like a mad woman. Smile plastered across my face, running at a frantic pace.

Running. For. My. Life.

I ran three and a half lengths of Manly Beach. Without a stitch in my side. Without a rolled ankle. Without losing my breath. For seven or eight kilometres. Usually I struggle after four.

It felt like a fire – starting off with a flicker and fast turning into a gigantic fireball. Dare I say it, it was almost orgasmic. Every inch of my skin tingled. It was magic.

Powering me along was a remix of ‘Strong’ by London Grammar. There’s something about the pulsing beat, building tempo and powerful lyrics that spur me on.

I’ll be back at the beach tomorrow. I hope to get high again.

Running…in broad daylight

29 Apr


Today I went for a run. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The computer nerd in me says, ‘DON’T WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, IT’S LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING!’ but I feel the sentence deserves to be capitalised. Because…


It might sound silly, but I have had a severe allergy to jogging in public, during the day. It’s so severe that it’s kept me indoors, on the floor, doing weird push up/bum lift/neck hurty things.

Call it low self-esteem. Call it an insecurity. Call it lazy. Whatevs. All I know is that the thought of running along the road has filled me with fear for as long as I can remember. It’s left me pounding the pavement in pitch black, hoping I don’t trip over a log.

I’ve always wondered what people would think. ‘Err, check out that girl’s weird floppy arm jog thing she’s got going on.’ Or ‘A purple singlet with a green hat? Bright much?’

Of course, here’s what they really think: ‘Must get to the shops before they close. Buy eggs, milk, meat…’ Or ‘I wonder if that guy really likes me?’

Yep, chances are those people are thinking about themselves. Just as I have avoided running in broad daylight because of how I feel about myself. 

But you know who loses out? Moi. I’ve missed so many sunny afternoons spent running through crunchy autumn leaves.  Today felt magical. Dark, thunderous clouds loomed on the horizon. The soft early afternoon sun cast long shadows on the pavement. The air was crisp and my legs yearned to run. So I laced them up and let them go wild. Weeee! It was invigorating! Refreshing! It was freedom. Freedom from my silly insecurities – hurrah!

My goal is to go for many more runs. In broad daylight. Up the street, down the street, around the block, to the shops. Wherever. The point is I’m telling that little voice to rack off and doing something that’s good for me. Because, you know what? I DESERVE IT (ok, no more capitals. Promise.)

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