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Thailand calling

5 Apr

Oh hi, Koh Samui. See you soon!

Wowee, what a week! After frantically finishing projects (including a guest post on Where Writers Write), getting painful arm jabs and packing my case, I am finally ready to descend on Thailand!

A heavenly ten days on a quiet Koh Samui beach awaits. The Lad will turn another year older in paradise and we’re planning to spend our days not planning. Ok, I may have booked one or two tours (shh, don’t tell him!) but other than that, I’m looking forward to a mini break away from computer screens, iPhones and…dare I say it…the keyboard.

My friends reckon my writing withdrawals will see me wandering around the island, fingers outstretched, typing on an imaginary keyboard. It could happen.

As this is my last post before jetting off, I wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Stay safe, keep smiling and be well. 🙂

x Kat

Wordless Wednesday – oh the places we’ll go

28 Mar
India – colourful. chaotic. magnetic. A place I will roam for 3 weeks in July.

Source: hola.com via Reyes on Pinterest

Koh Samui – a haven. paradise found. I will bathe in her beauty next week!

Egypt – where I long to next venture.

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