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Sun. Sand. Smiles. Songkran.

16 Apr

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Thailand – the land of smiles. So many smiles. Friendly faces and helping hands. Endless stretches of warm sand and even warmer seas. Distant islands dotted on the horizon. A hot pink sunset. Banana smoothies beside banana lounges. Bright butterflies settle on petals. Splashing in the pool. Steering a kayak through cool, dark caves. Waving a hand at brilliantly bright fish, swishing in schools. New friends met atop sun-drenched decks. A delectable dinner hovering over a plunging cliff. Old western men sipping Singhas and chatting up petite Thai girls. Market stall holders hollering at us to buy their wares. Kittens and pups darting across narrow, dusty streets. Sticky, sweltering humidity. Sweat on brows. Pina coladas cooling in coconuts. Sumptuous seafood spreads. My first taste of lobster. A surprise birthday cake for The Lad delivered by smiling hotel staff. Slow, sleep-inducing massages.


Super Soakers sold on street corners. Kids crammed into ute trays, sloshing buckets of water on passers-by. Floured faces. Our Jeep windows drenched in green goo. The ancient Thai New Year tradition of tossing water to cleanse and  bless is a welcomed relief in the stifling heat.

A blissful break. A renewed spirit. Gratitude to the land of smiles.

So many smiles.

An attempt to make life light & easy

3 Jan

Disclaimer: This is not a photo of my torso. I would never put broccoli on my stomach. Pumpkin, maybe...

I’ve joined Lite & Easy. For three reasons.

  1. I’m lazy and like the idea of food being delivered to my door.
  2. I’m a crap cook.
  3. I’m going to Thailand with The Lad in April and am terrified that the Thais will run down the beach screaming, ‘It’s a whale! Ahhh! A beached whale!’ That whale being me. Stuffed into a bikini. Moaning ‘oorrrgggh’ and massaging my big, bloated belly.

I know I’m not overly overweight. But since I stopped rowing (the season finished, the team dissolved, we had that hideous trip to Melbourne) and started eating Christmas goodies, I need to get things back under control. Step one is to pick up my running routine and yoga and Pilates practice. Step two is getting back into a healthy eating routine.

Thankfully, one of my colleagues has just started L&E and has been showing me all her neatly-packaged lunches (I’m a perfectionist Virgo – anything organised into a perfect package gets me excited). Inspired, I jumped online and started salivating over the summer menu. Though I did think it odd that their fare for the warmer months includes roast dinners and curries. I’d prefer fresh fish or grilled chicken and veggies.

My first delivery comes next Friday. I’ll arrive home after work to find seven days’ worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner tucked inside a cool esky. I’ll let you know how I go with the first week and whether I think the meals are worth it. The full seven day menu (which also includes a morning and arvo snack each day) costs $131. My weekly shopping bill is usually $90 (including an $11 Woolworths delivery fee – see point #1 above). And that’s before weekend take-aways and dinner with The Lad. So it does work out to be a lot cheaper than shopping, cooking or ordering my own stuff.

All going well, I’ll be in great non-whale-like shape come April!

Have you ever done Lite & Easy? Or had experience with another program like Weight Watchers? How did it go for you?

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