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Monday mantra – I am kind

5 Mar

Words have power. They really do. I’ve come to realise in recent weeks that we become what we think about. That is, our thoughts become our reality.

My mind isn’t a separate entity – it affects my spirit, my vigour, my being. If its message is positive, I bounce around with endless energy. But when it tells me (or rather, when I tell myself) that I am sick, or worried or bored, my day drags and life is limp.

They say that your mind doesn’t know when you’re imagining something or experiencing a real event. So why not act as if you are positive, as if you are successful and as if you are living your ideal life?

I’d like you to join me in a little exercise to see just how powerful our thoughts are. Since many of us bemoan Mondays, I’m going to create a mantra at the start of each week. By saying the mantra aloud and really believing it, you can set a positive tone for the rest of your week.

I promise I won’t Google ‘positive personal affirmations’ and re-hash them to you! They will be 100% original, unique and (I hope) uplifting words to help you live a more fulfilling week. You can say them in the morning, in the evening or throughout the day when you need a little lift. I find it easier to really absorb affirmations when I’m sitting in a quiet spot or listening to meditation music. But just do whatever feels right to you.

Feel free to use my mantra, or post a comment each week with your own affirmation or positive message.

Let’s see if we can change our thoughts to change our lives!

Here is this week’s Monday Mantra:

“I am kind to myself and my self is kind.”

The quest to be really, really, ridiculously happy

1 Mar









Why are we here? How can we be truly happy? How should we live to fulfill our purpose? As I wander along an unknown path to better health and happiness (and share my experiences with you via this blog), these are the questions I ask. No doubt they are the questions all of us ask.

What is the whole darn tootin’ point of this life?

To find out, I’m heading along to Happiness & Its Causes, a two-day event that claims to bring together 40+ of the world’s best and brightest minds in philosophy, psychology, spirituality, science and the arts.

I’m intrigued to discover what these inspiring minds have to say about our endless quest for happiness. What causes a truly happy life? And is there such a thing as a truly happy life?

I’ve always found the word ‘happy’ to be a bit blah. It’s the emotional equivalent to saying ‘good’ when someone asks how you are. It doesn’t really mean much.

Give me ecstatic! Fulfilled! Radiant! Joyful! ENLIGHTENED! I want to discover how to unlock these powerful states of mind and spirit.

I’ll be blogging from day 2 of the conference tomorrow, as I poke my head into a few of the keynote presentations, including:

  • Dr Martin Seligman and Professor Ellen Langer: discussing a visionary new understanding of happiness and wellbeing.
  • Action for Happiness director Mark Williamson: the importance of putting the things that matter first.
  • Psychotherapist and Buddhist lecturer Renate Ogilvie: exploring 16 guidelines for a happy and meaningful life.

Until then – don’t worry, be happy! 🙂

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