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Spectrum Healing: surgery for the soul

5 Feb

I have just emerged from a tingling, stilling, gentle soul session with the beautiful Donna at Spectrum Healing

I’m floating. My energy isn’t zipping about, frantically flipping out. It’s calm. Content. Cruising.

It’s as though a veil has lifted. That heavy cloud of uncertainty has disintegrated like a clearing fog. 

As I lay on a cushioned table in the darkened room, under a warm blanket, surrounded by soft sounds and swooshes as Donna moved around me, my head started spinning. Not in a dizzying way, but almost as though I was swimming through a black pool. All my worries evaporated, my chest expanded, my breath broadened and I drifted…down…down…down.

The subtle scent of frankincense wafted by. I swam back up through the dark pool and surfaced, as Donna spoke about the experience and what I could look forward to. I think I’ll keep those secrets to myself for now. 🙂 

Articulating the sensation is tricky. As I glided – somewhat disconnected – back home, I journalled the experience. In my scribbles are whispers Donna sent to my soul – gentle whispers that felt like big bangs of realisation. ‘Ah ha!’ moments. Soul music.

It’s a beautiful thing – going in for what I call soul surgery. How quick we are to see a doctor when we have something as small as a headache.But how often do we seek healing for our energy and our spirit, to bring balance and help our body heal itself? To come back to our purpose. To open ourselves up so we can be our authentic selves, trust our path and share that with those we love?

Soul surgery is a pebble, skipping across a lake, making ripples and sinking deep down. 

Making ripples. I like that…


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The morning my soul sang

11 Feb

A little over an hour ago, I parked outside a quaint Greenwich Hill house. While I waited for the car clock to flash 10:00, my mind whirred with worry after the working week. I’ve been going over and over a lot of things lately, urging my mind to figure it all out. To get me on my path. To logically find my destiny.

I’m now sitting in front of an open window, lighter, floatier (not a word, but perfect for describing this sensation). My neck is like a spring, as my head bobbles on it, unusually weightless. My cheeks are still damp and dewy from tears. I’m tired, but not exhausted. It’s like drifting in and out of a dream; wading through a field of soft, velvety marshmallows.

How did I go from fearful fretting to this soft, soulful sensation, in the space of an hour?

The answer is divine.

A colleague recently connected me with spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild. I had watched her Natural Therapy Pages video about divine healing and felt drawn to meet with her and see if she could help soothe my soul.

I’ll admit that I was a little nervous when the car clock announced it was time to go in for my session. I’m a ‘head’ person – forever thinking. I try to meditate, but my mind always gets in the way with a merry-go-round of meandering thoughts. Pointless ones, usually! So the thought (see – still thinking!) of silencing my mind and giving my spirit some breathing space was a daunting one.

I needn’t be nervous. As I entered Alana’s home, a quiet calm came over me. Her space was warm and welcoming. She herself was kind – all smiles and lovely long curls. She led me into a small, square room. It was lit with ornate candles and intricate fabrics. A dark screen shut the world out. The world of worry.

I sat in a cushioned chair and Alana explained how the session would go. She encouraged me to relax and to speak up or keep silent, whichever I wished. She may sing, she may chant, she may ask me to repeat something. I was told this would be my soul singing, chanting or speaking through her. I nodded and told my mind to be quiet when it said, ‘I’m not sure about this. Wonder what I’ll have for lunch?’

But my soul felt safe. With my eyes closed, I gave in to the moment. Alana moved around me slowly and from time to time, lightly placed a finger over my heart, my head, my back. I visualised a golden light moving through my body. I pictured the past being released. And then I tingled. It was delicate, like little tiny lights bouncing off my skin. Something shifted inside. Alana sang and spoke about my struggles. Sweetly in a gentle melody, her comforting voice gave me a golden nugget of wisdom. It was so spot on – of course it was, as according to Alana it was my soul. Yes, my soul sang to me!  I was drifting. Not in the room, but inside myself. Just drifting a little.

And then I wept.

Warm tears slid down my face and dripped onto my chest. I was releasing something. I don’t know what (I was trying not to think!), but it was such a comfort to finally, finally let go. Out my back and out my throat my fears and insecurities surged.

And then I was still.

It was calm. I could feel my feet again. Alana brought  me back into the room and it looked different. I knew something special had taken place. It was like awakening from a dream that stays with you a while. We spoke quietly for a few moments and Alana, with her kind, soulful eyes, told me something I needed to hear. She brought up a blockage that I’d been struggling with lately. Something I haven’t blogged or written about. Something only those nearest to me know. She said it would all come clear around my 27th birthday (in about six months’ time). The camera lens would be less blurry and my destiny, my path, would come into sharp focus.

And she finished by saying with a smile, ‘Sometimes it’s good to not think so much!’

Amen. 🙂

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