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Wordless Wednesday – smile!

4 Apr

I like smiles. I like giggles. When I see a smile, I smile. When someone giggles, I have a full belly laugh and sometimes coffee comes out my nose.

Here are some smiles to make you…err…smile!

Let the search for happiness begin…

2 Mar

The grand and intricately ornate Sydney Town Hall is perhaps the perfect setting for the Happiness & Its Causes conference. The dimly-lit corridors, delicately decorated ceilings and looming organ have created a serene mood – the ideal mood for contemplating happiness and our unwavering pursuit of it.

I entered the hall to hear Ben Lee’s tune ‘We’re All in This Together’ bouncing around the ornate space. Rows and rows of red cushioned seats were yet to be filled. Though there was already a buzz in the air; an anticipation that rose as high as the stained glass windows at the top of the tall building. I turned around at the tinkle of a bell – a stout man with a wide grin was ding-a-ling-ing a little gold bell and ushering the happiness-seekers into the hall…

As Gretel Killeen took to the curtained stage, the crowd hushed and she dazzled us with her trademark humour. Forget her Big Brother stint – this woman is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and author (one of my favourite childhood books was the hilarious My Life is a Toilet. One of the characters was called Dwayne Pipe. Geddit? Dwayne Pipe? Ha!)

She pondered, ‘Is asking ‘am I happy?’ opening the door to discontentment?’ It’s a great question. In the west, we seem so consumed by this constant craving to be happy. You could argue it’s a luxury – to try and ‘be happy’. Many people would be happy tasting bread again, having been deprived of it for years. Gretel knows because she has met them on her travels to famine-ravished nations. ‘We are,’ Gretel said, ‘the only culture that searches for this thing called happiness.’

[Later, Prof Ellen Langer would offer this gem, ‘We only seem to ask if we’re happy when we are unhappy. Otherwise, we are just being. We’re just getting on with it.’]

Source: tumblr.com via Mary on Pinterest


After Gretel left us in stitches, Dr Martin Seligman asked us, ‘What can we hope for in life?’   I believe we can hope for love, for compassion, for change and for health and happiness in ourselves and others. Society, it seems, would like us to hope for affluence, a new car, a better house, our kids in private schools…But why shouldn’t we shift that mindset and hope for happiness, health and wellbeing to spread to every corner of the earth?

Seligman said, ‘Have you noticed that the happiest you have ever been, has been with other people?’ Isn’t that the truth! I love Sunday afternoons lazing about in bed, curled up with a book and a cuppa and maybe a piece of chocolate. But my happiest moments have been bent over, holding my sides, as my friends and I have an endless laughing fit. Or I’ve been cuddling up to The Lad, sharing our deepest secrets and plans for the future. Recently, I had a past life regression therapy session and was asked to tap into three happy moments from childhood. Not one of those moments was of me alone. I was with my family, or on a beloved horse I used to ride.

It makes sense, then, that to be happy we need to look to others. What can I do today that will help the person next to me get a buzz? How can I help them live a little more easily in this moment? When I help that person and focus on their happiness, I get a kick as well. It’s the circle of happiness!

Join me in part 2 of my Happiness & Its Causes musings…

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