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Taking time to just be

30 May

Last week, I chucked in my job. My body was telling me to give it a break. My mind was craving a new challenge. And my spirit – my poor spirit – was silent, waiting to be granted the freedom to soar.

I’ve realised I’m not good at the 9 to 5 gig. I feel boxed in, like a little bird with clipped wings. And when I feel caged, I squirm and squawk until I finally undo the latch and give myself the permission to just float. To just be. And to trust that all will be well. My wings will grow. They’ll flap. I’ll find a new nest.

It’s now the middle of my first week as a ‘proper’ freelancer and, for the first time in a long time, I’m breathing. Not short, shallow, stressed breaths. But deep, nourishing, nurturing mouthfuls of air.

I’m still busy – incredibly so – with exciting new projects and many challenges. But it’s a busyness that I’ve created myself. I’ve chosen those clients, I’ve welcomed the work and I feel like I’m in an endless forest of opportunities, rather than a little wire cage.

For the first time in a long time, I actually feel in control of my life. And when I’m in control, I treat myself well.

I’m sitting still. I’m closing my eyes to meditate. I’m up early each day to cook a fresh brekkie. I’m slowly sipping tea. I’m listening to lovely tunes. I’m baking with wholesome ingredients. I’m not spending much money. I’m dreaming about India…

Of course, I should have lived this way while I was working for an employer. I’m sure many people don’t have to quit their job to feel the way that I am. But for me, freelancing fits.

I’m in a good place. Just letting things be.

I try – leaping without looking

7 May

Oh, hey blog! It’s been a while. Apologies for the neglect, but I’ve been doing something just a wee bit exciting…

Last week, I quit my job. Without a whole lot of thought. I also bought the last items on my India packing list. And I snapped up the domain for my newly-launched business, Kat Tate Copywriting! I even have the certificate to prove it (apologies for the dodgy shot):

In essence, I invested in my future. My freedom. I launched myself off the cliff and free-fell. Without knowing where I would land. It was a week of being courageous, of listening to a little voice that told me to jump. And ignoring the voice that said, ‘But what if you fail? What if you have no money? What if…’

My plan is to freelance in June, jet off to India & Nepal for a month-long health and wellness quest in July and return refreshed and ready for my next adventure.

Here’s to living fearlessly. Here’s to leaping without looking. What a feeling!

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