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Why I’m keen for quinoa

24 Apr

Note. Do not eat this much quinoa in one sitting. You may explode.

A few months ago, when I was trying out a sugar-free diet (it didn’t last long – I blame Reese’s miniatures. You can read about it here) I stocked up on boxes of quinoa (pronounced keenwa).

Don’t ask my why. I guess I thought a global shortage was imminent and I needed to hoard the stuff, lest anyone else get their greedy paws on it. No! My quinoa!

So I was digging around in the pantry last night, looking for something to accompany the two lamb chops sizzling under the grill. Then I saw it – a big box of red quinoa. Unopened. Neglected. All healthy and smug. I cracked the box open and decided to cook it up.

I bunged half a cup of the rich red seeds into the pot, added some chilli flakes and stirred away. Within minutes, I had a nice little spicy side dish.

It made a refreshingly light change from heavy rice or stodgy cous cous, which is, like soooo 2009.

Here are some other reasons to tuck into this little ‘superfood’:

1. Originating from South America, the seed was used by the Incas to boost their stamina. It’s like a natural steroid, ya’ll!
2. It’s protein-packed with all nine essential amino acids. So you stay fuller for longer, without the carb bloat.
3. Your heart will love it, as it has a high fibre and magnesium content and may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
4. It looks pretty. Well, for a grain.

I’m now on the hunt for some delicious quinoa recipes – please let me know if you have a fave. 🙂

Monday Mantra – I am my healthiest self

19 Mar

Like many women, I’ve fought some serious body battles over the years. As I get older, I am beginning to appreciate my body as a strong instrument that carries me through life, footstep by footstep. I am learning to nourish it, to nurture it, to protect it.

Of course, I still have slip-ups. Occasionally I overindulge and have to waddle my way to bed, wondering why I had those extra mouthfuls of vegetable korma!

But on the whole, I am learning to treat my body with respect. With love.

(Plus, I will be in Thailand in 3 weeks and the thought of spending endless days on the beach is an incredible motivator!)

So this week’s Monday Mantra is about building your body to be in perfect health, so that it can lead you through a long, fulfilling and purposeful life.

Here it is:

“I am my healthiest self. I nourish my body with fresh, wholesome foods.”

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