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Monday Mantra – I live for me

30 Apr

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I’ve resolved to flip the bird at my fears and do more of the things I want to do. Regardless of what others might think. Because we can’t control what others say or do or think anyway!

So while today’s mantra may seem selfish, it’s actually all about empowerment. Giving ourselves freedom from fear. Allowing ourselves to pursue passions that might seem a bit weird. Letting our hearts soar. Without fear of judgement.

When we live for ourselves, we open up and can in fact give more to the people we love. We radiate warmth, we create opportunities and we live with love.

In the spirit of this, here is today’s mantra:

“I choose to live for me. I think and act on my own judgements, and not the judgements of others.”

Let’s live fearlessly!

30 Mar


Fear. For such a small word, it sure has a lot of power.

Fear is what keeps us on our butts, instead of brazenly marching through life.

It sees us firmly fixed to the couch, watching mindless TV rather than challenging our mindset and creating something wonderful.

It prods us in our sleep, so we bolt upright in a cold sweat, worrying about money or friends or work or whether there’s an axe murderer scratching on the door.

Of course fear can be fabulous. It’s what kept our ancestors alive, as fear produces adrenalin to warn us of danger.

But in most cases, fear is paralysing. Our tummies twist and turn as we imagine the absolute worst possible outcome if we do that really scary thing that we probably shouldn’t do because people might laugh or we might fail or we could lose money or friends or love and oh my god what if my leg falls off?

What if I quit my mind-numbing job and can’t find work?

What if I move to the other side of the country and have no friends?

What if…what if…what if…?

When I look back on the leaps I have taken in life, those ‘what if’ moments never arrived. I left a terrible job and founded a business that taught me a lot about myself. I moved from Perth to Sydney and made lifelong friends and met a wonderful man who I couldn’t imagine being without. I used that fear to spur me on, so that I didn’t end up in that worrying ‘what if’ moment.

What this showed me was that fear can be good. Rather than fearing fear (ha!), face it, acknowledge it and then fearlessly jump off the ledge.*

This year, I’m saying to hell with fear and am flinging myself into new experiences. Things I wouldn’t have dared to do in the past. I’m going to trek through India and Nepal to try out traditional medicine and meet healers. Where will I go? Who will I meet? Will my ghd’s work in Delhi? Who knows? Who cares?

I’m willing to leap and learn.

Here’s to living fearlessly! Are you with me?

For more inspiration on living fearlessly, check out this post from The Bold Life.

*Unless you are going bungee jumping. In which case, a rope is recommended.

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