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Blogging on the road again

16 Dec

Blogging while travelling is a tough gig. Before every trip, I stare at my laptop and deliberate whether or not to take it with me. And every time, I say ‘Nehh, she’ll be right.’ She is usually so, so wrong.

And so I emerge in a new destination, wide-eyed and mentally drafting blog posts as I gorge on the culture, the sights, the strange experiences, all the while cursing myself for leaving my laptop at home. If I get the chance, I’ll pull out a crumpled notebook and scribble as much down as I can before The Lad yawns and I get a case of the guilts. Here in Canada, however, it’s so freezing that whenever I pull off a glove to grasp the pen, my naked fingers turn blue and the nails ache. So far I’ve managed to jot down the date, before abandoning the whole thing, shoving my glove back on and cursing the cold.

Thankfully, though, The Lad and I favour roughing it in hostels. More often than not, they have a computer or two set up. But given my penchant for lazing about in bed, I tend to jump under the covers with my phone and tune in to the free Wi-Fi. I don’t recommend attempting to tap out your thoughts on a teeny, tiny screen. You will make typos, you will definitely get a thumb cramp and you may end up throwing your phone against the wall.

Complaints aside, I’m thrilled to announce my blogging drought has been broken by the penning of this post. As I type, I’m enjoying the warmth of the communal living room at Planet Traveler in Toronto. It’s 4pm and pitch black outside and there’s a fellow hosteller next to me who keeps interrupting to tell me about the night he wound up down a nearby alleyway with two kids and a camera. I’ve decided it’s best not to ask questions about that.



Note to self: make time to be creative

5 Feb

It’s been several days since my last confession blog post. I’m a little ashamed about having neglected my lovely little blog. My creative juices have been bottled up and shoved to the back of the shelf, while life has got in the way. I’ve been busily editing at work, seeing friends (including an incredible 30th birthday overlooking Bondi Beach. Bliss!), planning my year and eating a little too much ice cream.

It’s funny, because when I’m creative and I nurture my writing, the other areas in my life seem to blossom. I’m excited at work, I’m making time to help out my friends and things just click. So why is it that I’m so easily pulled away from my passion; my creative pursuits? Since it’s something which brings me so much joy and enlivens my spirit, why do I turn my back and stay logged off WordPress for a week?

I think it’s because I view my blog and art and poetry as hobbies (I loathe that word. It reminds me of old men who spend their retired days building toy train sets. Shudder.) When I view my creativity as that thing I’ll get to when everything else has been done, sorted, organised, tidied, ticked, it’ll never be a top priority. It just stays at the bottom of the long list of things to do. Do I really prefer folding my sheets to writing a juicy blog post or listening to a meditation CD? Nup. So why am I letting sheet-folding take up my time, when my poor little blog is jumping up and down squeaking, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’

Because I’m not making time to be creative. In fact, I’m waiting until I have time. I’m hoping that I can just squeeze my creativity into a spare slot. Though it just takes a back seat, often to things that don’t really bring me a lot of pleasure.

For the important things in our life – whether it is our creative pursuits, or family, or taking a holiday – we do need to make time. Invest time. Step away from routine and indulge our desires. No one is going to give us that time. We have to choose it, seize it and use it. And when we do, look what happens! We create. We scroll to the top of the screen and realise we’ve written our first blog post in a week (well, at least that’s what I’ve just done!). We get that rush; the thrill of cracking open the bottle and letting the creative contents spill out.

Making time to create. Pursuing the things that ignite our mind and spirit. That’s what makes us truly sparkle.

So this week’s note to self is: Add ‘write blog post’ or ‘meditate’ at the top of my to do list. Only once I’ve ticked it off will I get onto less important things, like folding sheets.

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