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‘Tis the season to be thankful

22 Dec

The valley view from mum's verandah.

This is a short post, as I’m preparing to head up to mum’s tomorrow for Christmas.

But I don’t need many words to express today’s Thankful Thursday thought.

I am…

Thankful that I was able to write that paragraph, on a computer that works, in a comfortable, temperature-controlled room.

Thankful that I have a job which allows me to take time out to be with my loved ones.

Thankful that I am in fact paid to take that holiday.

Thankful that my mum is able to live on top of a mountain, surrounded by clouds and eagles and clean air.

Thankful that she has met a man who has renewed her happiness and helps around the house.

Thankful that I have met a man who loves me unconditionally. Even when I cry after too many vodkas. Or roll out of bed with a blonde afro and blobby thighs.

Thankful to God for all these blessings.

Sara from Tis the Life has written a beautiful Thankful Thursday post. You might like to read it and leave a comment.

What are you thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday: cheers to my mummy

15 Dec

I’m joining in Thankful Thursday, an initiative by power blogger Kate Says Stuff.

I have a lot to be thankful for. My first few years in Sydney were a lot like a Luna Park rollercoaster – endless ups and downs and unfounded fears that the whole thing might not be bolted down and I’ll fall off! I now feel fairly confident teetering towards my fourth year in the big smoke. And I have my wonderful mum to thank for that.

Me and mum @ Garden Island

Here are just a few of the million-plus reasons why I’m dedicating this week’s Thankful Thursday to mum:

  • When I moved to Sydney and didn’t know a soul – mum helped me stick it out.
  • When I felt lost in my career and wanted out – mum inspired me to start my professional organising business.
  • When business got tough – mum lent a hand and supported my decisions to return to work as an employee.
  • When I brought The Lad home – mum welcomed him into the family with open arms. And laughed at how well suited we were, given our shared love for lying on the couch watching crap TV.
  • When she faced difficult decisions and events in her own business – mum powered up and took her business, Cabins in the Clouds, to new heights (pun intended).
  • When navigating life as a newly single woman – mum bravely stuck it out and transformed into an even more mesmerising woman.

Above all, I’m thankful that as each year rolls into the next, mum and I grow closer together. Hardly a few days go by without us sharing a giggle or a cry on the phone.

I hope I’m half the woman my mum is when I’m her age. She is a trooper. A light in my life. She is my bold and beautiful mum. 🙂

Thanks mummy xoxo

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