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Positive affirmation: for when life hands you lemons

12 Feb

When life hands you lemons, crack open a coconut!


Setting your intention: in yoga and in life

10 Feb

Me in class. Hahahahahahaha. If only.
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At the start of tonight’s Dynamic Yoga class at Qi Yoga in Manly, our teacher Ashley asked us to set our intentions. What would we focus on? Where would our energy sit?

I chose ‘peacefulness’. 

After a hectic day of deadlines and client revisions, I sure as heck needed some peace!

But half-way through the class, I was anything but peaceful.

Red-faced, sweaty, sore and itchy, I wasn’t at all calm. My hamstrings were still tight from trotting on the weekend, and I started doubting my yogic abilities.

‘This class is too advanced,’ I told myself. ‘I’ll never be a lithe, flexible yogi.’

I even held my big toe incorrectly in an asana and had to be corrected.

My big toe. Seriously. Wasn’t holding it correctly. Totally hilarious now, but not at the time!

And then I remembered my intention: peacefulness. 

Berating my self, criticising my self…is that really my intention? Is that what I want to put out in the universe? That I should be judged? 

Hell to the no.

So I refocused. Was gentle on myself. Softly whispered ‘peaceful’ on every exhale.

And as the class wound down into shavasana (corpse pose – or ‘sleepy time’ post as I like to call it), I did feel peaceful.

I had sweated and stretched out the crap, the criticisms. And I felt zen and centred and all self-loving. 

Do you set a daily intention?

It doesn’t have to be during yoga. You could start each day with a one-word intention – or a phrase or affirmation. Something that gives you focus, gets you going and really resonates.

When we rush about or spend our hours reacting to things, rather than being proactive, we aren’t practising self-kindness or self-awareness. We’re just flapping about, doing things, saying things, without any purpose.

Let’s set a daily intention. Let’s give our days on this Earth meaning.

What’s your intention today?

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