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What to do when you only lose…gulp…200 grams

17 Sep

I weighed myself last Wednesday. Three weeks in to the 12 Week Body Transformation and, after having lost 2kgs in my first week, I was looking forward to another grand loss.

Instead, I stepped on the scales and lost a measly 200 grams! I thought the scales might be faulty (they’re brand new. They’re electric. I ignored these facts), so I weighed myself again. Again, the scales flashed a 200g loss.


“But I’ve been so good,” I wailed to myself. I’d kept to 1200 calories and  busted my butt burning 500 calories each day. I’d stopped snacking and only had one takeaway meal. So what was the deal?

I took a few deep breaths. I put the scales away and I celebrated my weight loss, albeit a small one. I patted myself on the back for sticking to the program, developing healthier habits and staying disciplined.

I think it’s important for us to realise that some days just aren’t sparklers. We don’t get a ‘wow’ result. But on those days, rather than throw in the towel (such as scoffing six Mint Slices), we need to regain our focus and try again the next day.

It’s all about consistency

Self-improvement is all about being consistent. It’s about developing new habits to replace the ones that have been holding us back. While I had a piddly weight loss this week, next week I might surprise myself. In fact, I’m already planning to go harder in my workouts  and chuck in a few extra push-ups and tricep dips at the end of each session.

I’m convinced that by showing up, being consistent and just getting on with  it, I’ll get the results I crave.

Besides, I’m already feeling lighter, leaner and more vibrant. It’s not all about the number on the scales – it’s about how we feel, how we treat our bodies and what we learn along the way.

Do you agree? 🙂

I try…working out without waiting for motivation

15 Sep



Yes, I’ve had an Oprah ‘ah-ha’ moment!

It slapped me right across the face…and left a big red mark.

After years of waiting for motivation to strike before committing to an exercise routine, I’ve JUST discovered that I no longer need to wait.

Nope, no waiting.


Well, I’d like to begin by thanking Michelle Bridges. I reckon I’m fairly clued up on the health and fitness front. I’m forever studying the latest nutritional info and research. I’m always trying out new tips, techniques, recipes and routines. Heck, I’ve carved a career out of writing about it!

And yet, I had never had one small snippet of advice impact me in such a profound way.

Here’s what Michelle says about motivation: it’s like a bad boyfriend – never around when you need it.

After giggling like a schoolgirl, I realised she’s right. Motivation is too flaky. When I lay out my exercise clothes at night, motivation promises it’ll show up in the morning. It assures me that we’ll both go out for an exhilarating run and burn a  million calories and look freaking fabulous! And then we’ll do it again the next day, and the next, and the next  until I’m the best version of myself, rocking a polka-dot bikini on Bondi Beach.

But the next day, motivation turns its phone off. Or it stays out late and doesn’t come home. It leaves me there, in my room, peeping at the alarm clock, moaning and rolling back over in bed. Meh, if motivation isn’t here, what’s the point? I’ll just lie here and try and reason with myself until motivation shows. I’m sure he’ll be along any minute. Any….an…y….minute…..zzzzzzz

Yep – motivation is one. big. fat. joke. Humph.

Say sayonara to motivation

Once I realised that waiting for motivation was just an excuse I used to get out of exercise, I wondered what the solution was. How do I shift my thinking from needing motivation to just getting on with it?

And, naturally, the answer came from the uber-helpful Michelle Bridges. If you’re part of her tribe, you’ll hear the term JFDI bandied about. Quite simply, it means ‘just f-ing do it!’

Sorry to swear, but I reckon this is a message we all need to hear. Forget waiting for inspiration to strike, give up on reasoning with yourself and JUST DO IT! Pull on your sneakers, turn  up the tunes and get out there.

Here’s (no one) looking at you kid

In the past, my favourite excuse for ditching a workout was telling myself that people would point and laugh. “They’ll judge me; they’ll think I’m too fat to wear a fuchsia top.” So rather than getting out there, I deliberated in my room for far too long, lost interest and gave up on exercise. For good.

But here’s the thing I realised – no one cares about me! They’re all thinking about themselves – what their boss said to them, what they need to buy for dinner, whether they’re meeting their mortgage repayments. Like me, they’re only worrying about themselves.


So now, I don’t worry about what other people will think. I simply slip on a pair of sunnies, crank up my iPod and work out like no one’s watching. Because they aren’t.

Do you wait for motivation to strike before working out? Or are you a JFDI advocate? I’d love to hear your insights, tips, struggles and successes. Let me know by commenting below! 🙂

x Kat

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