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On being thankful for every moment

3 Apr


This morning I met a beautiful friend for an early morning swim, at Fairy Bower in Manly.

The dawn sunlight pierced the crystal sea, as waves rocked across reef. Sparkles radiated around us, frightened fish flashed at our feet, and a paddleboarder glided across the horizon.

Salt sizzled on skin as we waded in the cool pool.

In that moment, I was deliriously happy. Grateful that I was alive to see and smell and sense such a special scene.

In 8 weeks, I’m moving to Asia! Vietnam stole my soul, peeled back the layers, and I’m itching to return.

And so I’m making a point to bask in every magical moment while I pack up my life in Sydney. 

The spectacular shoreline. Crisp air. Fresh drinking water. Sunrise over the sea. Quiet streets. Dips at dawn. Gorgeous friends.

We should do it every moment: look for the lining. Appreciate being alive right here, right now. Wish for nothing other than who we are in this very moment.

Will you join me?


Positive affirmation: for when life hands you lemons

12 Feb

When life hands you lemons, crack open a coconut!


The feeling of freedom

3 Feb

A lone kitesurfer. Free.

Deadlines don’t matter. Relationship issues can wait. Niggling, nagging thoughts mean nothing.

This is the feeling of freedom.

Fleeting freedom.

A slice of weightlessness. Abandon. Who-gives-a-fuck-edness.

That moment, that quick flicker of flight, flutter of ease.

That sudden soaring, sweeping, heart leaping love of the universe. And every soul that bounces through it.

I watched kitesurfers cruise on mighty surf, flying, flinging, higher, higher, their parachutes billowing as they danced at dusk.


These sole bodies bouncing and bounding and crashing and swooping. Without a care. Without fear. Without regard.

Let’s strip back. Let go. Loosen up. Soften our stance.  Love deeply. Lose gently.

Unwrap our souls. Set them free.

Let’s leap like kitesurfers.

Let’s be free.

Positive affirmation – for when the world shits on you

23 Jan

Some days, the world may shit on you…but at least you’re not a Shih Tzu.


Credit: Wikipedia

Run for your life

19 Jan


I just staggered home from the most mind-blowing, awakening, astronomical beach run I’ve ever experienced. Finally, I get what those steroided folk always rave about – the exhilarating endorphin rush.

It could be because I scoffed 10 homemade raw cacao balls this afternoon and had superfoods surging through my system. Or maybe after a relaxing weekend, my suppressed inner lion wanted to roar.

It’s definitely something to do with letting go.

Yes, my hypersensitive, anxious soul let go. For one hour. And it was so fabulously freeing.

Slapping big broad feet on the wet sand, jumping over drain pipes, dashing into the surf to cool off, letting my hair get sticky and matted and wild. Feeling flushed.

Basically, not giving a fuck. 

Preeetty sure I looked like a mad woman. Smile plastered across my face, running at a frantic pace.

Running. For. My. Life.

I ran three and a half lengths of Manly Beach. Without a stitch in my side. Without a rolled ankle. Without losing my breath. For seven or eight kilometres. Usually I struggle after four.

It felt like a fire – starting off with a flicker and fast turning into a gigantic fireball. Dare I say it, it was almost orgasmic. Every inch of my skin tingled. It was magic.

Powering me along was a remix of ‘Strong’ by London Grammar. There’s something about the pulsing beat, building tempo and powerful lyrics that spur me on.

I’ll be back at the beach tomorrow. I hope to get high again.

At dusk, I dream

13 Jan

The view from my balcony. Dusk melts over Manly harbour.

Dusk is the most delicious time of day. A hush falls over the harbour beyond my balcony. The harsh summer sun melts into a scrumptious pastel pie.

Birds sing songs, swooping through the bush.

The soft spray of a garden hose.

Car doors slam, as surfboards are hauled from roof racks. Sand is sprayed off battered boards and onto cooling concrete.

It’s a time for clarity.


Elsewhere, friends prepare for a long, boozy night in the city.

I close my eyes. Appreciate the stillness. Accept my choice. Drink in the dusk.

On being your authentic self

13 Jan


A new friend and I were chatting the other day about the global community’s quest for authenticity. Weirdly enough, the next night another friend called and said she was doing a self-development course which asked her to pinpoint times she had been unauthentic with herself and others.

The world is seeking authenticity. And truth.

Have you noticed it?

We want to know who makes our clothes, what’s in our food, the person behind a business…and in response to that push, films, fashion, food, literature, enterprises and so many other things are becoming more truthful. More wholesome. More transparent.

It’s a wonderful shift.

And it made me realise that I want to be more authentic. I hide behind a protective shell and it serves no one. I’m scared to trust, and so I retreat. I’m anxious to fit in, so I do things that jar with my soul.

In short, I’m faking it.

Being authentic is risky. You’ll polarise people – that’s a given. You might be lonely in your aloneness. You could lose friends.

But what’s the alternative? Being bland. Being boring and bored. Struggling. Getting lost in mediocrity. Leading a life that isn’t yours. Losing out on developing deep, lasting relationships…

And I truly believe that when we are our authentic selves, we inch closer to our life purpose. We embrace our quirks, become aware of what our body and soul need, and attract people whose authenticity gels with ours.

Authenticity is also about trust. When we’re genuine about our motives, attitudes and needs – and have the balls to put them out there –  we encourage others to be, too. This builds trust, up and around us. People trust us, they open up more, we trust them and open up more. It becomes an awesomely vibrant circle of sharing and trusting and being truthful.

Thoreau said it best: “Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness…give me truth.”

I’m working on it…

Will you join me in embracing your authentic self? Please do share your thoughts.

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