Mother of pearl

5 Apr

Lightning lit up the sea, as she slipped away…

Two nights ago, a sweet soul slipped away. She was young. Courageous. And she left behind a little one.

While we only met a few times, her departure made a mark.

My ex partner messaged while I was in Vietnam, to say she was fading. Alone in an empty cafe, I scribbled my sadness in this poem:


Mother of Pearl

Did you hear the news today?

She only has a week to go,

Darkness has descended,

Her goodbye – painful, slow.


I know I hardly knew her,

And that we barely talked,

But I’m in this cafe crying,

She’s consuming my every thought.


How will that baby be now,

His mother gone too soon,

I hope he’ll always sense

her presence in every room.


How cruel to take the sweetest soul,

And snatch her from this world,

Send peace and love,

To the babe, without his mother of pearl.


Rest in peace, beautiful Nicki xx

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