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Saturday snack: hemp and honey

15 Feb

Peckish and parched, I’ve just walked home from a lazy morning at the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly. 

It’s muggy. A humid haze has settled over Sydney. It’s thirsty weather. And I’m suddenly ravenous. 

Facing a bare fridge and near-empty pantry, I’ve improvised. Made up a simple snack that’s a superfood medley. A mash-up of natural goodness.


Hemp and Honey Mash-up



What’s in it:

  • Bee pollen: one of nature’s most complete proteins.
  • Hemp seeds: an awesome anti-inflammatory protein source.
  • Chia seeds: a gluten-free, high protein, calcium, iron and potassium-packed wonder food.
  • Cacao nibs: raw chocolate with a big dose of magnesium and more antioxidants than berries.
  • Goji berries: the most nutritionally dense food on the planet.
  • Natural honey: to add sweetness and stick it all together.

Mix it up and voila! You have a protein-packed snack that will ward off the hunger gremlin.


Positive affirmation: for when life hands you lemons

12 Feb

When life hands you lemons, crack open a coconut!


Setting your intention: in yoga and in life

10 Feb

Me in class. Hahahahahahaha. If only.
Photo credit


At the start of tonight’s Dynamic Yoga class at Qi Yoga in Manly, our teacher Ashley asked us to set our intentions. What would we focus on? Where would our energy sit?

I chose ‘peacefulness’. 

After a hectic day of deadlines and client revisions, I sure as heck needed some peace!

But half-way through the class, I was anything but peaceful.

Red-faced, sweaty, sore and itchy, I wasn’t at all calm. My hamstrings were still tight from trotting on the weekend, and I started doubting my yogic abilities.

‘This class is too advanced,’ I told myself. ‘I’ll never be a lithe, flexible yogi.’

I even held my big toe incorrectly in an asana and had to be corrected.

My big toe. Seriously. Wasn’t holding it correctly. Totally hilarious now, but not at the time!

And then I remembered my intention: peacefulness. 

Berating my self, criticising my self…is that really my intention? Is that what I want to put out in the universe? That I should be judged? 

Hell to the no.

So I refocused. Was gentle on myself. Softly whispered ‘peaceful’ on every exhale.

And as the class wound down into shavasana (corpse pose – or ‘sleepy time’ post as I like to call it), I did feel peaceful.

I had sweated and stretched out the crap, the criticisms. And I felt zen and centred and all self-loving. 

Do you set a daily intention?

It doesn’t have to be during yoga. You could start each day with a one-word intention – or a phrase or affirmation. Something that gives you focus, gets you going and really resonates.

When we rush about or spend our hours reacting to things, rather than being proactive, we aren’t practising self-kindness or self-awareness. We’re just flapping about, doing things, saying things, without any purpose.

Let’s set a daily intention. Let’s give our days on this Earth meaning.

What’s your intention today?

Horsing around for the soul

8 Feb

Wonderful Wally


When I was a smaller soul, I rode horses on the beach. Every week. If it weren’t for school, I’d have done it daily (stupid school).

Galloping down dunes at Yanchep Beach, jumping over mammoth logs, becoming one with my beautiful giant Grasshopper. 

Horses are sensitive, soulful creatures. And it’s really easy to tune in to their energy. 

But today, I wasn’t sure. It was my first ride in a looooong looooong time. Would it feel as good as it used to? Would I remember how to ride? Would my steed be cool or a nut job?

I approached my gelding, Wally. Stroked his soft coat, tickled his nose, and spoke softly. He sniffed and nodded as we got to know each other. I introduced myself, apologised for the flies, and whispered that we were going to have a memorable ride. 

If you’ve ridden, you’ll know that connecting with your horse makes all the difference.

There’s a mutual understanding – I’ll trust you, you’ll trust me, I won’t pull too hard on the reins, you won’t ram me into a tree. 

It did the trick.

As we plodded through the majestic Glenworth Valley in New South Wales, passing trickling creeks and ancient gums, the magic returned. The synergy. 

We trotted, did a sneaky canter and ambled about. 

Wally diligently stuck beside his best mate Steve (there was another horse with us called Martin. Geddit – Steve Martin? Har har!)


Wally & Steve

He let me lead, I let him nibble the grass. When I wanted to turn, he turned. When he wanted more slack, I loosened the reins.  

We got each other. And all I wanted to do was let this beautiful creature loose – gallop down dunes, canter on wet sand, bound through the bush. We were both desperate to break away and run. 

Next time…

So if you’re feeling a bit bleh, slightly jarred, craving some nurturing – get thee on a steed! 

Horse therapy – it works wonders for the soul. 

Spectrum Healing: surgery for the soul

5 Feb

I have just emerged from a tingling, stilling, gentle soul session with the beautiful Donna at Spectrum Healing

I’m floating. My energy isn’t zipping about, frantically flipping out. It’s calm. Content. Cruising.

It’s as though a veil has lifted. That heavy cloud of uncertainty has disintegrated like a clearing fog. 

As I lay on a cushioned table in the darkened room, under a warm blanket, surrounded by soft sounds and swooshes as Donna moved around me, my head started spinning. Not in a dizzying way, but almost as though I was swimming through a black pool. All my worries evaporated, my chest expanded, my breath broadened and I drifted…down…down…down.

The subtle scent of frankincense wafted by. I swam back up through the dark pool and surfaced, as Donna spoke about the experience and what I could look forward to. I think I’ll keep those secrets to myself for now. 🙂 

Articulating the sensation is tricky. As I glided – somewhat disconnected – back home, I journalled the experience. In my scribbles are whispers Donna sent to my soul – gentle whispers that felt like big bangs of realisation. ‘Ah ha!’ moments. Soul music.

It’s a beautiful thing – going in for what I call soul surgery. How quick we are to see a doctor when we have something as small as a headache.But how often do we seek healing for our energy and our spirit, to bring balance and help our body heal itself? To come back to our purpose. To open ourselves up so we can be our authentic selves, trust our path and share that with those we love?

Soul surgery is a pebble, skipping across a lake, making ripples and sinking deep down. 

Making ripples. I like that…


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Life lesson: Look for the baby birds

4 Feb

This morning’s news was the same as always: death, destruction, despair. Despondent, I went out to the garden. 

My elderly neighbour was walking down the path. He was holding something, his arms pulled tight to his chest. 

A black mess of matted feathers. A magpie.

‘Poor fella’s been kicked out of home,’ he told me.

The abandoned baby bird peered up at me, its red-rimmed eye darting about. Tiny beak burrowed. Wing enveloping wing.

‘Will he be OK?’ I asked, gently stroking a faded feather.

My neighbour nodded. Told me he’d been caring for it for days. Propping it under a rose bush, spraying the leaves with a hose, so soft drops cascaded down – a gentle bird bath. He’d been finding and feeding it worms. Topping up an empty margarine tub with water.

Caring for this creature. As though it were the most precious thing on Earth.

Taking a vulnerable baby bird under his wing. When most people wouldn’t even notice it – or care.

Seeing this humble act of kindness, it was easy to ignore the deaths, destruction and despair. 

I realised this is our calling: to look for the lost. The vulnerable. The weak.

Let’s take them under our wing. Protect them. Build them back up. 

Let’s look for the baby birds. 

Let’s help them fly.



The feeling of freedom

3 Feb

A lone kitesurfer. Free.

Deadlines don’t matter. Relationship issues can wait. Niggling, nagging thoughts mean nothing.

This is the feeling of freedom.

Fleeting freedom.

A slice of weightlessness. Abandon. Who-gives-a-fuck-edness.

That moment, that quick flicker of flight, flutter of ease.

That sudden soaring, sweeping, heart leaping love of the universe. And every soul that bounces through it.

I watched kitesurfers cruise on mighty surf, flying, flinging, higher, higher, their parachutes billowing as they danced at dusk.


These sole bodies bouncing and bounding and crashing and swooping. Without a care. Without fear. Without regard.

Let’s strip back. Let go. Loosen up. Soften our stance.  Love deeply. Lose gently.

Unwrap our souls. Set them free.

Let’s leap like kitesurfers.

Let’s be free.

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