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Monday Mantra – I live for me

30 Apr

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I’ve resolved to flip the bird at my fears and do more of the things I want to do. Regardless of what others might think. Because we can’t control what others say or do or think anyway!

So while today’s mantra may seem selfish, it’s actually all about empowerment. Giving ourselves freedom from fear. Allowing ourselves to pursue passions that might seem a bit weird. Letting our hearts soar. Without fear of judgement.

When we live for ourselves, we open up and can in fact give more to the people we love. We radiate warmth, we create opportunities and we live with love.

In the spirit of this, here is today’s mantra:

“I choose to live for me. I think and act on my own judgements, and not the judgements of others.”

Running…in broad daylight

29 Apr


Today I went for a run. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The computer nerd in me says, ‘DON’T WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, IT’S LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING!’ but I feel the sentence deserves to be capitalised. Because…


It might sound silly, but I have had a severe allergy to jogging in public, during the day. It’s so severe that it’s kept me indoors, on the floor, doing weird push up/bum lift/neck hurty things.

Call it low self-esteem. Call it an insecurity. Call it lazy. Whatevs. All I know is that the thought of running along the road has filled me with fear for as long as I can remember. It’s left me pounding the pavement in pitch black, hoping I don’t trip over a log.

I’ve always wondered what people would think. ‘Err, check out that girl’s weird floppy arm jog thing she’s got going on.’ Or ‘A purple singlet with a green hat? Bright much?’

Of course, here’s what they really think: ‘Must get to the shops before they close. Buy eggs, milk, meat…’ Or ‘I wonder if that guy really likes me?’

Yep, chances are those people are thinking about themselves. Just as I have avoided running in broad daylight because of how I feel about myself. 

But you know who loses out? Moi. I’ve missed so many sunny afternoons spent running through crunchy autumn leaves.  Today felt magical. Dark, thunderous clouds loomed on the horizon. The soft early afternoon sun cast long shadows on the pavement. The air was crisp and my legs yearned to run. So I laced them up and let them go wild. Weeee! It was invigorating! Refreshing! It was freedom. Freedom from my silly insecurities – hurrah!

My goal is to go for many more runs. In broad daylight. Up the street, down the street, around the block, to the shops. Wherever. The point is I’m telling that little voice to rack off and doing something that’s good for me. Because, you know what? I DESERVE IT (ok, no more capitals. Promise.)

Why I’m keen for quinoa

24 Apr

Note. Do not eat this much quinoa in one sitting. You may explode.

A few months ago, when I was trying out a sugar-free diet (it didn’t last long – I blame Reese’s miniatures. You can read about it here) I stocked up on boxes of quinoa (pronounced keenwa).

Don’t ask my why. I guess I thought a global shortage was imminent and I needed to hoard the stuff, lest anyone else get their greedy paws on it. No! My quinoa!

So I was digging around in the pantry last night, looking for something to accompany the two lamb chops sizzling under the grill. Then I saw it – a big box of red quinoa. Unopened. Neglected. All healthy and smug. I cracked the box open and decided to cook it up.

I bunged half a cup of the rich red seeds into the pot, added some chilli flakes and stirred away. Within minutes, I had a nice little spicy side dish.

It made a refreshingly light change from heavy rice or stodgy cous cous, which is, like soooo 2009.

Here are some other reasons to tuck into this little ‘superfood’:

1. Originating from South America, the seed was used by the Incas to boost their stamina. It’s like a natural steroid, ya’ll!
2. It’s protein-packed with all nine essential amino acids. So you stay fuller for longer, without the carb bloat.
3. Your heart will love it, as it has a high fibre and magnesium content and may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
4. It looks pretty. Well, for a grain.

I’m now on the hunt for some delicious quinoa recipes – please let me know if you have a fave. 🙂

On being stuck

20 Apr

Being stuck and getting in a rut sucks. When I feel caged in or wander off my path, I feel like a little bonsai kitten that’s been forced to grow in a too-small jar.

The horizon gets cloudy. The road is blurred. I have a perma-frown, which is really bad for wrinkles.

Lately, I’ve been wading through thick mud. I’m dragging my boots against the sludge and gradually going deeper.

But I can still wiggle my toes! If I just ease my feet out of the shoes, I can step onto the concrete and take strides to where I need to be. I don’t need someone to reach in with a stick for me to grab. I’m not waiting around to be rescued. And I’m certainly not going to wade any further to see if the mud turns to water.

I got myself into this rut, and by golly, I’m going to get myself out of it!

Even if it’s just a toe wiggle for now. A little taste of freedom.  A hint that the best is yet to come.

For that’s all we can do to get back in the saddle. Take a little step. And laugh at ourselves and how easily we holed ourselves in.

Of course, some things we can’t control. People can be mean; jobs can become stifling; accidents happen. We can only loosen our grip on those external forces and let it be.

But our little puddle of mud; the one we stepped or fell into – that is within our realm. That is something we can leap out of. That rut can be old news.

This week, I’m wiggling my toes. I’m making it happen. I’m coming unstuck. And it feels gooooood!

How do you get yourself out of a rut?

Sun. Sand. Smiles. Songkran.

16 Apr

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Thailand – the land of smiles. So many smiles. Friendly faces and helping hands. Endless stretches of warm sand and even warmer seas. Distant islands dotted on the horizon. A hot pink sunset. Banana smoothies beside banana lounges. Bright butterflies settle on petals. Splashing in the pool. Steering a kayak through cool, dark caves. Waving a hand at brilliantly bright fish, swishing in schools. New friends met atop sun-drenched decks. A delectable dinner hovering over a plunging cliff. Old western men sipping Singhas and chatting up petite Thai girls. Market stall holders hollering at us to buy their wares. Kittens and pups darting across narrow, dusty streets. Sticky, sweltering humidity. Sweat on brows. Pina coladas cooling in coconuts. Sumptuous seafood spreads. My first taste of lobster. A surprise birthday cake for The Lad delivered by smiling hotel staff. Slow, sleep-inducing massages.


Super Soakers sold on street corners. Kids crammed into ute trays, sloshing buckets of water on passers-by. Floured faces. Our Jeep windows drenched in green goo. The ancient Thai New Year tradition of tossing water to cleanse and  bless is a welcomed relief in the stifling heat.

A blissful break. A renewed spirit. Gratitude to the land of smiles.

So many smiles.

Thailand calling

5 Apr

Oh hi, Koh Samui. See you soon!

Wowee, what a week! After frantically finishing projects (including a guest post on Where Writers Write), getting painful arm jabs and packing my case, I am finally ready to descend on Thailand!

A heavenly ten days on a quiet Koh Samui beach awaits. The Lad will turn another year older in paradise and we’re planning to spend our days not planning. Ok, I may have booked one or two tours (shh, don’t tell him!) but other than that, I’m looking forward to a mini break away from computer screens, iPhones and…dare I say it…the keyboard.

My friends reckon my writing withdrawals will see me wandering around the island, fingers outstretched, typing on an imaginary keyboard. It could happen.

As this is my last post before jetting off, I wish you all a wonderful Easter break.

Stay safe, keep smiling and be well. 🙂

x Kat

Wordless Wednesday – smile!

4 Apr

I like smiles. I like giggles. When I see a smile, I smile. When someone giggles, I have a full belly laugh and sometimes coffee comes out my nose.

Here are some smiles to make you…err…smile!

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